This concept started in 2021 when one of our co-founders wanted a new and unique way to see and experience candles. She pitched her concept to our other co-founder who without hesitation hopped on board. The goal of HUES is to create art on a wax canvas. We are constantly inspired by what is around us, what is culturally changing, internal peace and struggle, and the constant lessons in our daily lives. In addition to broadening artistic horizons, we are passionate about making sure that our business is sustainable and uses the highest quality ingredients. We source both our wax and essential oils from high quality sources to ensure both an eco-friendly and luxurious experience. At HUES, we are constantly striving to bring you more unique concepts while also allowing our environment to heal and soar to new heights for future generations. We are grateful to every single individual that provides us with the chance to pursue this large creative endeavor with great artistic freedom. Our team thanks you for taking the time to support HUES and sharing these creations with your loved ones.