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Digital Wallpapers

Digital Wallpapers

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Can't get a candle right now? We got your back with these dreamy wallpapers that feature our three classic designs in the most ethereal of settings. Available for download upon purchase.

*Please note that this item is non-refundable*

Our light floral scent. Notes of gardenia and yuzu blossom along with light sweet, fruity touches that are ultimately finished off with another light floral.
Our cologne-like musk scent. Notes of opopanax, bergamot, and saffron with tobacco give off an expensive feel without being overwhelming.
Our outdoor musk experience. You will feel enraptured by this scent that takes you to a forest created with tobacco blossom and white sandal, forest pine, and eau de mer.
Our fresh musk experience that is reminiscent of fresh linens and a clean shower. This scent features notes of bergamot with sandal black cardamom, and eau de mer.
Our herbal scent gives you a light aromatic cleanse while also delivering a subtle smoky essence. It features notes of lavender, oak moss and cedar, golden out, and black currant.
Our perfume-like experience. Be whisked away by an enriching scent that triggers thoughts and memories of lavish dinners, people, and experiences. You can’t help but feel powerful with notes of tobacco blossom and white sandal, yuzu blossom, gardenia, and passionfruit with plumeria.
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